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Nashville drummer, percussionist, vocalist, and tour manager in the Southern rock n roll band, Hippies & Cowboys.


Behind the Beats: Scott's Story

Starting at age 10, Scott's first drum set marked the onset of a remarkable career. Born into a musical legacy, Scott Metko is the son of renowned RCA Victor & Decca recording artist Dick Metko. Catching the attention of figures like Bob Dylan and Martin Scorsese, one of Dick’s RCA singles was featured in the 2005 documentary No Direction Home: Bob Dylan. In a parallel to his father, Scott showcased his talent through appearances on Dick's TV show. At age 17, he represented Wisconsin in the McDonald’s All-American High School Band, leading to a Carnegie Hall performance with Lionel Hampton. 

Discover Legendary Contributions 

Scott's diverse contributions are truly legendary. Early in his career, equipped with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Scott recorded jingles, cut jazz fusion records, and played with stars like Foreigner and Bad Company. In 2013, ABC’s Nashville invited Scott to be the drummer for Rayna Jaymes in seasons 1 & 2. 

Simultaneously, a new record label, LandStar Entertainment, emerged on Music Row, appointing Scott to lead. This marked the beginning of a journey with Texas country artist Adam Fears. From 2014-2016, Scott accompanied Fears on a radio tour across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, serving as a drummer, road manager, and back-up singer. Fears achieved success with three singles on the Texas Country charts, and his music and videos gained exposure on GAC, CMT Pure, and CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team. 

In 2016, Scott established Long Run Management to support the artists he collaborates with. As a songwriter, he earned his first major cut when David Ball recorded “4:00 Waltz” for the 2018 album Come See Me. Scott also marked his debut in film, portraying Patsy Cline’s drummer in Lifetime’s Patsy & Loretta (2019). 

Then, during the recording sessions for Debra Soule’s album Vapor, Scott’s unique approach to drum sounds was featured in the December 2001 issue of He eventually landed in Nashville, TN where he continues to play the honkey tonk strip on Broadway. 

 Live performance drummer. Music professionals of the Nashville music scene.

Award Winning Talent

Leading the rhythm and steering with success, Scott Metko also stands as the bandleader-turned-manager for the Grammy Award-winning artist David Ball. Scott's talents have left an indelible mark on  Ball’s records over the last decade, contributing to masterpieces like Sparkle City, The Greatest Christmas, and Come See Me. In a monumental collaboration, Scott co-produced the Grammy-nominated reissue of David Ball’s Thinkin’ Problem on Omnivore Recordings for its 25th anniversary. 

Reflecting on cherished memories, Scott fondly recalls spending the majority of 2019 as the drummer and tour manager for Ball’s Thinkin’ Problem 25th Anniversary Tour across the United States. 

Up Next

Scott Metko: Pioneering Nashville's Music Scene Today

Today, Scott is a member & co-founder of Nashville's hottest rock 'n soul band, Hippies & Cowboys. See them on tour throughout 2024 in support of their debut vinyl album Live At Fox & Locke.

The Hippies And Cowboys are a rock ’n soul band, originating in Nashville TN. Bringing back a taste of southern rock, blues, and soul, it’s a sound that has defied the test of time. Their sonic palette draws inspiration from legendary acts such as Sam and Dave, The Blues Brothers, Booker T & The MG’s, Otis Redding, and Marvin Gaye, transitioning seamlessly to the likes of Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles, The Beatles, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, and CCR. Notably, Scott has stamped his timeless sound by recording tracks in the iconic studios of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, including Fame, East Avalon, and Noise Block.

In the Spotlight: Scott Metko's Acclaimed Gear, Endorsements, and Vintage Collection

Scott’s gear and recordings have been reviewed in Modern Drummer and Stereo Review, Sound & Vision. He received a Distinguished Service Certificate by Pro-Mark Corporation for his work in percussion education. Endorsements include Fibes drums, Sabian cymbals, Vater sticks, AXIS Percussion pedals and Qwikstix accessories. A recent vintage gear collector, Scott owns a Beatles Ringo kit, early Buddy Rich Ludwig kit, as well as percussion items from Tom Roady’s collection.